Live la Patrona in your apartment on the seafront in Puerto Pollensa


The 2nd of August is the most important event for the people of Pollensa. The day of la Mare de Déu dels Àngels, is the municipalities day of la Patrona. A day filled with emotion, history and movement in which a battle is battle is held, the Pollensans against the Moors. At Cabot Hotels we want to explain what happens during this celebration and why it is a good idea to stay in one of our aparthotels in Puerto Pollensa during these days.


La Patrona of Pollensa, an event with a lot of history

The celebrations of la Patrona of Pollensa are festivities which date back to the 19TH century, where a simulation of the battle which saved the people of Pollensa against more than 1500 Moors in the 16th century was incorporated in to the celebration. The majority of Pollensas population have dressed in white over the years in order to defend on every August 2nd their virgin against the attack from the enemy. This day has become one of the main tourist attractions in the north of Mallorca, which is why having an apartment in Puerto Pollensa  is an authentic wonder and you can comfortably and from up close enjoy the quintessentially Pollensan festival.




The programme of the most important day for Pollensa

The activities during la Patrona begin with the classic Alborada at 5 o’clock in the morning, the local hymn which spreads to every street begins an intense and emotional day. At midday the institutional performances are carried out in a revelry atmosphere. After eating and recharging strengths, the parades begin with a procession with the old image of la Patrona and one of the most intense moments: the simulation of the battle between the Christians and the Moors, at 7 pm.

Amongst their tears and hymns the Pollensans remember the achievement of the Christians in the plaza Mayor and say goodbye to the most important day of the year with dozens of kilos of gunpowder in a sky filled with fireworks.

Stay at in an apartment in Puerto Pollensa and enjoy la Patrona

La Patrona is the most emotional celebration for the people of Pollensa. If you visit the municipality, a passionate and intense way to fuse with its people is to witness and appreciate its celebrations. Cabot Hotels offers a selection of apartments in Puerto Pollensa so that you can be near to one of the biggest events in the north of Mallorca. Reserve your apartment and discover the Mallorcan traditions. We will be waiting for you!