Your holiday villa in Puerto Pollensa, near to the celebrations of Sant Antoni


For the residents of Puerto Pollensa January can’t come soon enough. The municipality of Pollensa, along with dozens of other towns in Mallorca, celebrate Sant Antoni in their own way, a celebration which remembers a character from history in a very special way. It is the ideal time to enjoy some time on the island with a holiday villa in Puerto Pollensa and be near to this commemoration. Do you want to know what is commemorated during January in this area? And how do the locals celebrate? At Cabot Hotels we will be telling you all about it in this article.


Discover the story of Sant Antoni with a holiday villa in Puerto Pollensa

The date of this big celebration is the 17th of January, the day which Anthony the Great, an isolated Christian monk died at 105 years old after being the protagonist of a series of mythological stories. The story of this well-loved character began with the death of his parents. After years of caring for his younger sister, he received a sign from God which made him decide to retire to the mountains and carry out a religious seclusion. The legend says that Anthony could cure animals and one of the most retold stories is that he once cured a family of wild boars of blindness so the mother boar remained with him for the rest of its natural life.


The dimonis and the animals of Sant Antoni

The story of Anthony the Great doesn’t end here. He was tempted by the devil, who sent a hoard of demons to frighten and kill him. But Anthony survived. Which is why, during the celebrations of Sant Antoni, every 17th of January, you will see two main stars: characters dressed as Sant Antoni (Anthony the Great) and dozens of dimonis, who are people dressed as demons, which surround the figure of Anthony representing the temptations which the monk experienced. You will also see thousands of pets and domestic animals during the day, which arrive to be blessed during the “beneïdes”, given that Sant Antoni is also the patron saint of domestic animals in Mallorca, due to his legendary fame of being able to cure animals.


The ‘pi’ of Formentor, a challenge for the locals

The pine is a tree which is deep rooted in the celebration of Sant Antoni in the municipality of Pollensa. In the town of Pollensa you will find the climbing of “u pi”, where many try to scramble up a large pine tree coated in soap and pork fat. This celebration is famous across the island, but Puerto Pollensa has its own version. Instead of going to collect the pine tree at the finca de Ternelles, which is done in Pollensa, the neighbours of Puerto Pollensa bring the tree from the sea in Formentor to the Moll and from there families and brave habitants carry it to the main square, where the climb and the celebrations commence.


Reserve your holiday villa in Puerto Pollensa

If you want to experience the magic of this celebration up close and personal where the neighbours of the Moll head to the streets in their masses in a joyous atmosphere, don’t hesitate to reserve a holiday villa in Puerto Pollensa. The streets will fill with forguerons (bonfires), dances of the dimonis (devils) alongside Sant Antoni representing the temptations of the devil and the torrades (barbecues) where classic Mallorcan products such as sobrasada and butifarron will be cooked. We hope to see you during these important dates!