Christmas at our holiday apartments and villas in Puerto Pollensa

Christmas is a synonym of many feelings. And the best thing is that they’re great ones. Christmas brings together families, strengthens relationships and creates very special links between loved ones as you remember those who aren’t here anymore. However, Christmas is a time when originality and feeling prevail. Just as Christmas is very well known in certain countries, in Spain we have our very own traditions. Which is why at Cabot Hotels, holiday villas and apartments in Puerto Pollensa, we want to tell you exactly how we celebrate Christmas in Mallorca and the rest of the country. Do you want to know more? We will be giving you all the details in this blog article.


The Christmas lottery and the oficial countdown

The festive period in Mallorca is saved for the second fortnight in December. In this half of the month. More specifically on the 22nd of December, kids finish school and begin their favourite holidays. On this day, there is also a special Christmas Lottery, a draw organised by the state which gives away millions of euros to the lucky winners. Locals and tourists take part in this unique yearly event with all the optimism which comes with Christmas.


Christmas Eve: a magical family night

Two days after the Christmas Lottery, on the 24th of December, Christmas Eve, the dinner that precedes Christmas Day, is celebrated. This night is known for bringing together families around a table to share big banquets of food. Following some exuberant starters, Mallorcan families usually serve suckling pig, stuffed pasta soup and different types of meat and fish. After finishing this mass of food, it’s time for Christmas sweets and the turrons, which add the perfect finishing touch to a very special night.


Christmas Day, the key day during the festive period in Mallorca

After recovering from the abundant Christmas Eve meal, it’s time for Christmas Day, on the 25th of December, families come together yet again to celebrate this essential day with a lunch which makes the most of the leftover food from the day before. This day is a public holiday across the country, so there are usually no issues with celebrating it and you can enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere through the adjacent streets to our holiday apartments and villas in Puerto Pollensa.


Saint Steven, the second day of Christmas

Across Spain the 25th of December marks the official end of Christmas but in Mallorca and in the Mediterranean communities of Spain, Saint Steven is celebrated on the 26th, which is also known as the second day of Christmas, which is a public holiday and holds just as much holiday cheer as Christmas day itself.


Reserve your holiday apartment or villa in Puerto Pollensa and experience Christmas in a different way

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an original and relaxing Christmas at our holiday apartments and villas in Puerto Pollensa. The area and its people offer the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the new year and to enjoy a few magical days away. Cabot Siller, Cabot Sa Sini and Cabot Can Borràs will be ideal to welcome you and your family. We can’t wait for your visit!

On behalf of the whole team at Cabot Hotels: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!