Live the summer fiestas near to our hotels in Puerto Pollensa


Puerto Pollensa is a paradise like no other. There is only one element which equally matches its incredible landscapes and climate: its culture. Mallorca’s traditions are one of the most well-known international attractions, and its people have known how to preserve their ancestral celebrations which have been carried out on the island for centuries. Our hotels in Puerto Pollensa are witnesses to some of these fiestas and traditions which are held year after year, and you can be one of the lucky few to see them up close and personal. Would you like to enjoy a dream holiday and immerse yourself in Mallorcan culture? At Cabot Hotels, we will be telling you what fiestas will be taking place in Puerto Pollensa during the summer.


The fiestas of Sant Pere, near to your hotel in Puerto Pollensa

For the first event, we must transport ourselves to the end of June. The last week of the month, and the first week of the summer, the people of Puerto Pollensa welcome in the summer solstice with the fiestas of Sant Pere. Although at the beginning of the 20th century this celebration was originally held in the town of Pollensa, during the 1930’s it was moved to Puerto Pollensa. We are talking about the patron saint of fishermen, and as one of the most important ports on the island of Mallorca, it could not be held in any other location. It is said that the patron saint protects the people of Puerto Pollensa and they give their thanks with one of the year’s biggest celebrations. The town hall, along with the Fishermen’s Brotherhood, organise three days of activities near to our hotels in Puerto Pollensa. If you are interested in celebrating this important date with us, you will find it interesting to know that you could enjoy regional dances, concerts, exhibitions, historic recreations, examples of fishermen’s tasks and the best seaside atmosphere.


The fiestas of the Mare de Déu del Carme, near to your hotel in Puerto Pollensa

Two weeks later, following the intense celebrations of the fiestas of Sant Pere, our hotels in Puerto Pollensa return to welcome one of the key fiestas during the summer in Mallorca. We’re talking about the fiestas of the Mare de Déu del Carme, the current patron saint of the parish of Puerto Pollensa. In this heartfelt celebration a boat journey is made along the bay of Pollensa which can be seen from one of our hotels in Puerto Pollensa. Once on land, its time for the religious and cultural acts amongst which the opening speech initiates the fiestas and celebrations with also their respective concerts. The Sunday which coincides with the fiestas is celebrated during a solemn mass and a maritime procession in commemoration of the Virgen del Carme and Sant Pere which rolls on it to the evening with an incredible pyrotechnics show in the form of the ‘correforc’ (fire dances) and fireworks.


Reserve your room at your hotel in Puerto Pollensa

We don’t know a better way to experience these summer fiestas in this area than with a hotel in Puerto Pollensa. Which is why, at Cabot Hotels we offer a catalogue of hotel establishments from which you could choose the holiday stay which best suits your needs. We hope to see you in Mallorca to celebrate its cultures and traditions!