Easter in Pollensa: enjoy an unforgettable week at your hotel in Puerto Pollensa


The town of Pollensa, known for the beauty it exudes, is one of the well-loved locations by tourists visiting the island year after year. Within it, you will be able to find everything you might need to spend a dream like Easter. Also, thanks to our hotel in Puerto Pollensa, your stay will become an experience that you will never forget.

No one can deny that in Spain, Easter is one of the celebrations which hosts the most rituals and which radiates beauty. However, if we focus on Pollensa, this experience is elevated to a higher level. This small Mallorcan town of just 15,000 habitants is capable of combining a hotel and restaurant offer which is hard to beat.

If the north of Mallorca is home to some of the most beautiful towns in Europe, then the town of Pollensa is located right in the heart of this area of outstanding natural beauty. Rituals such as the Descending from the Cross, also known as the “Davallament”, fuse with views which will bring you to your feet. Would you like to know the benefits of spending Easter in Pollensa? Cabot Hotels, hotels in Puerto Pollensa, will be telling you all about them in this blog article.


Restaurant in Puerto Pollensa: surrender to its traditions

If there exists a place within Spain that takes the most care in its gastronomy, it is, without a doubt, the Balearic Islands. Pollensa, at a gastronomic level, cannot be beaten by any other part of the islands. Its culinary offer, brought to you by the restaurant in Puerto Pollensa U1969, is capable of uniting tradition and innovation in an enclave like no other.

Easter week in Pollensa is an experience that focuses much more on just the enjoyment of its environment and its landscapes. Traditions such as those that occur on the “El Calvari” take the leading role on Good Friday.

At Cabot Hotels we are aware of the great crowds that this time generates. Which is why, we offer all kinds of tips on being able to watch the goings on from the front row. We want to ensure that our clients enjoy a 360º view which will delight their senses through the traditions of Pollensa at Easter and at the heart of it all will be a gastronomic enjoyment like no other.

With our hotel in Puerto Pollensa, you can transform your dream stay in to a reality. Enjoy a dream week with Hobby Club, it will allow you to enjoy the traditions of the Mallorcan people during such an important time whilst you enjoy your own luxury apartment stay.


A hotel in Puerto Pollensa, elevate your stay to a superior level

During Easter, the festivities and traditions seem to never stop and they make the day that extra bit longer. Therefore by having a hotel in Puerto Pollensa that is close by to the main activities that take place in the town is of vital importance.

In addition to the various events that characterise this municipality, Easter is the start of one of the best times of year to enjoy your first dip in the sea. When the sun’s rays begin to make their first appearance, it is the best time to enjoy the crystalline waters and idyllic landscapes that this spectacular town in Mallorca is capable of offering us.

At our hotel in Puerto Pollensa, you will have the perfect geographical enclave to visit some of the best beaches in the world. Which is why, places such as Cabot Romantic or the Pollensa Park Spa, on the seafront, will offer a perfect balance between tranquillity and tradition, all within dream like services.


Reserve your hotel in Puerto Pollensa, invest in your relaxation

As you have been able to see, Pollensa is an idyllic landscape to enjoy a holiday which will be forever imprinted in your memories. Seaside, mountains, traditions and beaches are only some of its characteristics, there are so many more!

Enjoy an Easter like no other thanks to the gastronomic offer at our restaurant in Puerto Pollensa U1969 and give in to a great night’s sleep at your hotel in Puerto Pollensa. What more could you ask for?