Quality and environmental policy

For CABOT HOTELS the offer of high-quality and environmental tourist accommodation and catering services is a main priority, as is the contribution to the procurement of a sustainable model of development, assuming the following acting principles that conform its QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY:

Compliance Commitment to the legal rules of local, autonomous, state and community level that apply to us, as well as other requirements that our organisation subscribes to.

Integrate the Quality and Environmental management in the GRUPO CABOT management.

Prevent, to the extent of our ability, the contamination and save energetic and natural resources as well as reduce and manage the residues.

Favouring active communication.

For that we agree to:

1. Comply and exceed the demands and preferences of our clients.

2. Enhance the training and continuous motivation of all our staff, with the aim of offering the highest possible performance in all services to our clients.

3. Adapt our facilities to the expectations of our clients, for which we agree to revise them, renovate them and modernise them progressively in accordance with the best techniques available, to offer the most appropriate products and services.

4. Inform the providers and contractors of the quality and environmental criteria undertaken by our Group, promoting or demanding the use of quality products and services that are environmentally friendly.

5. Facilitate the adequate means, inform and involve our clients so that they integrate and collaborate in the optimal development of our Quality and Environmental system.

6. Establish objectives and goals periodically to promote and ensure the continuous improvement of our Quality and Environmental system.